Object-Centric Process Discovery


Object-Centric Variant Visualization


Filtering Infrequent Behavior

Processes often generate event data with not only a single case notion. OCπ helps in discovering process models, i.e., object-centric Petri nets, exploring variants of process executions and their respective frequency and filtering out infrequent variants and activities. The tool also supports OCEL 2.0 files.

Installation instructions: Install GraphViz. Unpack the zip-file and run ocpi.exe.
The jsonocel-version of the employed event log can be downloaded here.


OCπ is being developed at the Chair for Process and Data Science at RWTH Aachen University.

Jan Niklas Adams

Researcher and PhD Student, Process and Data Science, RWTH Aachen

Wil van der Aalst

Professor, Chair of Process and Data Science, RWTH Aachen


OCπ is a tool grounded in research. Below you can find research papers that describe the tool itself & algorithms and concepts behind the tool.

Defining Cases and Variants for Object-Centric Event Data

Published at ICPM 2022

OCπ: Object-Centric Process Insights

Published at Petri Nets 2022

Discovering Object-Centric Petri Nets

 Fundamenta informaticae, 2020

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